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Quotables: Jane Lynch Used to Abuse NyQuil

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“I’d close the drapes, take a swig of NyQuil, toast with a simple ‘bye-bye’ and go into a deep sleep. … I was miserable the whole time.”

In case you didn’t know, Glee‘s Jane Lynch has a book coming out, wherein she discusses her previous battles with both depression and addiction. Lynch discusses a dark period in her life when she was substituting alcohol with NyQuil, and NyQuil with marijuana, and how it began to affect her mental well-being.

Call me old school or a trendy drug prude, but I wasn’t aware that taking NyQuil recreationally was a “thing.” I mean, it is? This is a thing that people do? Is this how Lindsay Lohan got her start, or is it a horse of an entirely different color?

Either way, congrats, Jane, for beating something that was obviously leading to other destructive behaviors. Good for you!

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  • I know that this is something that high school and college kids do quite a bit, like “hey, let’s split a bottle of NyQuil and get crazy.” And then they hallucinate and call you to tell you that they just drank half a bottle of NyQuil, and then it’s a weird experience for everyone.

  • Yes, people do use NyQuil recreationally for sure. I know multiple people who have used it to get high.