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Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch Is Headed to the Walk of Fame!

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It’s about goddamn time. Jane Lynch has been brilliant since pretty much forever. She first came onto my radar when I saw her in Christopher Guest‘s Best In Show, in which she played the lesbian dog trainer who was having an affair with Jennifer Coolidge’s character. She was amazing. She also had a great bit part in A Mighty Wind, The 40-Year Old Virgin and tons of others. Still, she didn’t really get popular until she became Sue Sylvester on Glee (one of the only redeeming things about that show).

In any case, apparently her brilliance is finally being recognised and she’s got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Jane’s star is the 2,505th to be unveiled, and (of course) Ryan Murphy was there to celebrate with her and sing her praises, telling reporters:

“She is the hardest-working person on the set… she makes everybody better and everybody happier. She is one of the comedy greats in our business – a true class act.”

Yessss. Love me some Jane Lynch. Speaking of which, has anyone watched that Hollywood Game Night show she’s hosting, or whatever it’s called? I always catch the tail end of it before Big Brother (shh) and think it looks good, but I’ve never watched a full episode.

Anyhoo… congrats to Jane Lynch! Well-deserved!
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2013 Emmy Nominations, In Case You Care

jon hamm ESPY Awards

Time once again for television, film’s ugly little sister, to get its dues! Here are the nominees for the millionth Emmy Awards. Or, at least the interesting noms. The rest can be found at USA Today. Who do YOU think is going to win? Who are you SURE is going to lose?

Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey, PBS
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, AMC (my guess for winner)
Jeff DanielsThe Newsroom, HBO
Jon Hamm, Mad Men, AMC
Damian LewisHomeland, Showtime
Kevin SpaceyHouse of Cards, Netflix

Connie BrittonNashville, ABC
Claire DanesHomeland, Showtime (hope she wins so she doesn’t have to do interior decorating)
Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey, PBS
Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel, A&E
Elisabeth MossMad Men, AMC (winner, maybe?)
Kerry WashingtonScandal, ABC (winner, more certain)
Robin WrightHouse of Cards, Netflix

The Big Bang Theory, CBS
Girls, HBO
Louie, FX (maybe?)
Modern Family, ABC
30 Rock, NBC (definitely)
Veep, HBO

LEAD ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES: (I don’t know and I don’t care)
Jason BatemanArrested Development, Netflix
Louis C.K.Louie, FX
Don CheadleHouse of Lies, Showtime
Matt LeBlancEpisodes, Showtime
Jim ParsonsBig Bang Theory, CBS
Alec Baldwin30 Rock, NBC

Lena Dunham, Girls, HBO
Laura Dern, Enlightened, HBO (hope it’s her)
Tiny Fey30 Rock, NBC (will be her)
Amy PoehlerParks and Recreation, NBC
Julia Louis-DreyfusVeep, HBO
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie, Showtime

Adam Driver, Girls, HBO
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family, ABC
Ed O’Neill, Modern Family, ABC
Ty BurrellModern Family, ABC
Bill HaderSaturday Night Live, NBC
Tony HaleVeep, HBO

Mayim BialikThe Big Bang Theory, CBS
Jane LynchGlee, Fox
Sofia VergaraModern Family, ABC
Julie BowenModern Family, ABC
Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie, Showtime
Jane Krakowski30 Rock, NBC
Anna ChlumskyVeep, HBO

DRAMA SERIES: (I think these are all evenly matched)
Breaking Bad, AMC
Downton AbbeyPBS
Game of ThronesHBO
House of CardsNetflix
Mad MenAMC

Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk EmpireHBO
Jonathan BanksBreaking BadAMC (my guess for winner)
Aaron Paul, Breaking BadAMC
Jim Carter, Downton AbbeyPBS
Peter Dinklage, Game of ThronesHBO
Mandy PatinkinHomelandShowtime

Anna GunnBreaking BadAMC (my guess for winner)
Maggie SmithDownton AbbeyPBS
Emilia ClarkeGame of ThronesHBO
Christine BaranskiThe Good WifeCBS
Morena BaccarinHomelandShowtime
Christina Hendricks, Mad MenAMC


So Sad: Jane Lynch Emotionally Remembers Cory Monteith on Jay Leno

jane lynch cory monteith

The death of Cory Monteith has come as a shock to many and has saddened many more. The loss of what seemed like a genuinely nice, talented, down-to-earth guy is always sad – celebrity or not – but that he was beloved by so many who watched him on Glee just made it that much harder, I think. While many of his castmates have remained silent, Jane Lynch honoured her commitment to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she had a chance to pay tribute to her colleague and friend.

Seeing Jane Lynch get emotional makes ME emotional – though, as I admitted before, Cory’s death really hit me in a way that celebrity deaths really don’t ever, for me. After all, we don’t know them personally and I can’t even say I was a fan, like, say, when Amy Winehouse died and I was absolutely devastated (to say I had a connection with her would have been an understatement). In any case, I thought this was really moving and, like Jane, hope that people can remember him for his talent and goodness over the human flaws he had.

Jane Lynch Divorces Wife Of 3 Years

jane lynch divorcing

Jane Lynch is a busy woman with all the Broadway acting and brilliant future as a rapper, but the latest thing on her to-do list isn’t fun: she’s getting divorced. She and Dr. Lara Embry were married for 3 years. They wed on labor day in an intimate ceremony in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal. Here’s her statement from People, via TMZ:

Lara and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another.

Just once I would love to see a divorce statement that is 100% brutal honesty. NOT SAYING hers isn’t. I’m saying how great would it be if Katie Holmes released a statement saying, “It should come as no surprise to anyone that my marriage contract is up and will not be renewed. We’re calling it a divorce. Yes, Tom Cruise is absolutely insane and there were times I feared for my life. Thankfully I am too famous now for him to make me disappear. I’m going to spend the rest of my life avoiding him and being thankful that I was able to get myself and my daughter Suri out of there before it was too late. Also, the guy is a total dick. Really controlling. Just a straight-up dick.”

TMZ has info on the legal issues that come with this divorce, which is slightly different from most as it is a gay marriage, meaning,

Lynch and Embry are California residents and a California court will almost certainly dissolve the marriage, even though gay marriages are not legal in California.  The State recognizes marriages from places where gay marriage is legal. … California is a community property state, which means unless there’s a prenup, Lynch and Embry would split all assets acquired during the marriage 50/50.  Although Embry’s no slouch, Lynch has made a bundle on “Glee” and other projects.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ … they don’t have a prenup.

So there you go. Best of luck to them both.

Jane Lynch Knows All The Lyrics to ‘Super Bass’

Jane Lynch is hilarious and amazing, so it’s no surprise that she knows all the lyrics to Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Super Bass’ and that she felt the need to bust out into song while appearing on Conan earlier this week. The only thing wrong with this is that they should have let her sing the whole thing.

When Conan joked that Jane must have lots of opportunities to sing the song in her everyday life, she responded:  “Absolutely. I have all of these skills now that are just going to get me so far… And they don’t expect it from a 6-foot white lady.”

Love her!

Jane Lynch To Make Broadway Debut

jane lynch emmys beautiful

Jane Lynch of Glee (but more importantly, some awesome Christopher Guest movies) is making her Broadway debut as the villainous Miss Hannigan from Annie. I love Ms. Lynch and I love the idea of her as Miss Hannigan, but Carol Burnett owns that role in my mind. She’ll probably kick ass at it, though. Lynch will play a very limited run, from May 16th to July 14th. In the meantime, for all your borderline evil orphanage owner needs, check out Burnett.

Sarah Jessica Parker famously made her Broadway debut as Annie in 1979. They missed the chance to go super weird with this and recast Parker as Annie.

On her new role, Lynch told The Baltimore Sun,

Some may say I know a thing or two about playing intimidating authority figures. So I am excited and honored to be making my Broadway debut with the wonderful Annie company at the Palace Theatre and joining the pantheon of women who have taken on the great and irresistible role of wicked Miss Hannigan.

Just once I wish a celeb would end of their standard polite informational soundbites with, “Because I’m f-cking awesome.” I mean, aside from Kanye West.

The 5 Worst Dressed at the 2013 SAG Awards

photo of kaley cuoco pictures, photos sags
Is it me, or are the bad dresses always the most fun? Because personally? I think the bad dresses are always most fun. And you know what’s also kind of fun? That two ‘Big Bang Theory’ stars showed up to the SAGs looking like a basket of beat ass. Well, wait. To be fair, Johnny Galecki (who took the number one worst dressed spot, along with his girlfriend, Kelli Garner) showed up to the SAGs looking like a basket of beat (greasy) ass, while Kaley Cuoco, in the number five slot, looked … well, she looked comical. Cartoonish, even. And also, that big hair of hers makes her head look huge. Coming from someone who has a big head herself, I can tell you: one thing you never want to do is tease your crown, because it’s going to look like … well, that. Yike.

Here’s the rest of the worst dressed!

#4 – Anne Hathaway
photo of anne hathaway sag pictures, photos

#3 – Jane Lynch
photo of jane lynch sag pictures, photos

#2 – Sigourney Weaver
photo of sigourney weaver pictures, photos

#1 – Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend, who is not Courtney Love, despite the uncanny resemblance
photo of johnny galecki sag pictures, photos