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The 5 Worst Dressed at the 2013 SAG Awards

photo of kaley cuoco pictures, photos sags
Is it me, or are the bad dresses always the most fun? Because personally? I think the bad dresses are always most fun. And you know what’s also kind of fun? That two ‘Big Bang Theory’ stars showed up to the SAGs looking like a basket of beat ass. Well, wait. To be fair, Johnny Galecki (who took the number one worst dressed spot, along with his girlfriend, Kelli Garner) showed up to the SAGs looking like a basket of beat (greasy) ass, while Kaley Cuoco, in the number five slot, looked … well, she looked comical. Cartoonish, even. And also, that big hair of hers makes her head look huge. Coming from someone who has a big head herself, I can tell you: one thing you never want to do is tease your crown, because it’s going to look like … well, that. Yike.

Here’s the rest of the worst dressed!

#4 – Anne Hathaway
photo of anne hathaway sag pictures, photos

#3 – Jane Lynch
photo of jane lynch sag pictures, photos

#2 – Sigourney Weaver
photo of sigourney weaver pictures, photos

#1 – Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend, who is not Courtney Love, despite the uncanny resemblance
photo of johnny galecki sag pictures, photos

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  • I actually love Kaley’s dress, it’s adorable. Helmet hair on the other end, is awful. If you had a “5 Worst Hair Styles of the SAG Awards” then she’d be more appropriately judged. The dress is fab.

  • I think Kaley’s dress is really pretty, Johnny looks swell and his gf’s dress is kinda nice too. Do definitely no worst dressed here.
    But they all have a bad hair day.

  • I agree with everyone else, Kaley’s dress is beautiful. the hair has issues, but if this is worst dress & not worst hair I don’t think she belongs. The rest are hot messes :)

  • I can’t believe these people have stylist !!!! I would fire them immediately and didn’t they look in a mirror before they left the house or have a friend that would tell them they look like shit !!!

  • Worst dressed is more fun because it’s easier to pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

    Kaley Cuoco’s dress is pretty, it’s the hair and makeup that reek. Also, is it just me, or does her dress make her look like she has shorty short legs compared to the rest of her body?

  • I like Kaley’s dress plus she’s really pretty, the hair though… well it’s been said already. Johnny on the other hand looks like every over guy ever, but I’m trying to remember when we’ve last (or ever) seen him with a girlfriend? Doesn’t he usually hide them? This seems serious.
    Jane Lynch – LOL. Domina.

  • This picture doesn’t show Kaley’s dress all the way to the floor….it’s a HORRIBLE length…really just not good. It makes her look really short. I love her to pieces but thought she did not look good at all.

  • Johnny Galecki is rocking his ” this is me style” and his girlfriend Kellie Garner is stunning. Look at all the red carpet photos……these two are top FIVE!

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