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Love It or Leave It: Lindsay’s Kardashian Wedding Ensemble

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Ok, before you start being like “oh, this bitch,” let me just remind/tell you that Kim requested that all her wedding guests come dressed in black or white, so she’s not being That Girl who shows up to your wedding in some budget bridal mess. Or, well, if she is, she’s at least sticking to the theme.

Regardless of how cheap the dress looks (it does look cheap, right, that’s not just me?), isn’t it inappropriate to have your basoomas hanging out like that at your pal’s wedding? I’m just assuming, I’ve only been to like two weddings, but I would think if some cracked out bitch showed up at my wedding, trying to upstage me with her admittedly impressive boobs, I’d be like “giiiiiiirl. Girl, no. This is my special day. Get you a shawl.” Would you?

Image courtesy of Gossip Center

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