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This is Apparently How Lindsay’s Spending Her Time Lately

photo of lindsay lohan on vacation smoking a cigarette and busting out in a bikini pics photos

I guess when you can get no work but claim to be independently wealthy, this is what you do with your time: sit around with your implants and fish lips and smoke cigarettes. I guess that works, right? I mean, even if there’s no actual WORK to be done, somebody’s gotta do this. It may as well be Lindsay. It’s not as if people are breaking her door down for club appearances, product endorsements or, you know, movies these days. If radio is really the best you can do these days, stick with what you’re good at, Linds, even if what you’re good at is just looking like a trashy herpe that was discarded outside some strip joint in the valley.

Work it, girl!

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  • Do you even have proof that she got implants??? The girl has big boobs, PERIOD. Seriously, your Lindsay bashing is getting OLD.