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Tara Reid Got Engaged and Married All in the Same Day

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Wow, between this and the new American Pie movie, I guess it’s going to be TARA REID‘S YEAR. I know there’s only a few months left in 2011 (frigging scary as that is), but girlfriend’s going to do it up right.

So Tara Reid’s boyfriend (who I didn’t even know existed and who obviously likes fake appendages, recovering alcoholics, and women who suffer lifelong consequences from bad decisions), apparently popped the question this past weekend on a holiday in Greece. Tara was not only so excited that she said ‘yes’ with no reservations, she struck while the iron was hot and her boyfriend was still drunk. According to the chronological order of Tara’s tweets:

“I got engaged!”

“Greece married!”

“Just got married in greece I love being a wife.”

These all came in within hours of one another. Today she’s thanking everyone in the world, including both the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra. Congrats, Tara. No need to say thanks, girl, it’s implied.

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