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Tara Reid is Officially Hardcore

photo of tara reid drunk tooth falling out pictures photos

I know you were all just dying to know what your girl Tara Reid‘s been up to, and I can say with conviction, that it’s way better than any crazy thing you could think of. What could possibly top the (NSFW) Frankenboob incident? A lame tooth. Literally, a lame tooth.

According to In Touch Weekly:

It seems nothing — and we mean nothing — can ruin a good time for party girl extraordinaire Tara Reid. According to an eyewitness at the Oasis Beach Club in India, Alkif., on April 14, Tara, 35, was having a ball when one of her front teeth popped out. Instead of calling it a night, “Tara got on her hands and knees and searched the floor,” says the witness, “and when she found it, she pulled out some glue, glued it back in and just continued partying!”

That, my friends? Is what you call hardcore. I mean, I was pretty hardcore back in the day with my partying, and I might have lost a contact or something, found it on the floor and popped it in my mouth to clean it off before putting it back in my eye, but a TOOTH? Jeez. That’s some serious shit right there, you guys.

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