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Lady Gaga Finally Got A Tumblr

A photo of Lady Gaga

Almost an entire year ago, our beloved Molls made one of the truest statements I’ve ever read: “Lady Gaga should just get a Tumblr or something.” Seriously, have you seen this girl’s Twitter? She just cannot shut up. And now, thankfully, Lady Gaga has found her way home. She’s found Tumblr.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s kind of boring so far. You know, if I wanted to see stupid pictures of Lady Gaga’s stupid clothes, which I sometimes do, I could just Google it. And if I wanted to see her inflated sense of self importance, which I never ever do, then I’m pretty sure you could still Google that too. But what I’m hoping comes from this is that Lady Gaga finds a place to express all her truest, deepest feelings with her fans. I hope she finds a place where she can vent all her coke rage and reveal all her cracked out dreams. From the depths of my heart, I hope those things.

Are you guys going to be reblogging any of Gaga’s nonsense?

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