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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga Needs to Stop

I get Lady Gaga, I do. She’s a wacky girl with a heart of gold. That’s fine, that’s whatever, she can do her thing, I don’t care. But this is where I draw the line.  “This” being talking sincerely about the dream of Japan while keeping her eyes shut tight so you can check out her crazy makeup.  Because she’s so out there, you guys, did you get that? No one else has done what she’s doing.  Totally original, totally fresh.  And totally sincere about the tragedies that happened in Japan.  Ugh.

On a purely superficial level though, how weird are her anime eyes right here?  So creepy, right?

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  • uhhh… “I didn’t come from very much”? Didn’t she grow up partying with paris hilton or something?

    Pretty sure she wasn’t what I would call someone of limited means growing up.

  • I’m getting really annoyed with her ‘American Dream’ routine now. Her ‘background’ story seems to change a lot. Can people please come forward and back her up? Like those who explained how horribly she was ‘bullied’ in her school?

  • I love Mother Monster, but she should be more respectful. Tone it down, Gaga, otherwise your message will get lost in the kookiness.

  • I would love to know what Japanese have to say about her makeup and the fact that she kept her eyes shut while addressing to her fans, just so we could see her makeup.
    As I think she is pushing this way to far.