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How Do We Feel About Lady Gaga’s Album Cover?

A photo of Lady Gaga's album cover

I feel like we’ve been talking about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” for several years.  Like it seems that Gaga’s been building up this hype for her new album since I was in middle school, and now, the moment is nigh.  The album itself won’t be released until May, but late last night, the Lady decided to give all her Twitter followers a little gift:  the album cover for Born This Way.

Can I be the first to say “what the fuck is this?”  See, I thought that when Lady Gaga said that she was born this way, she was talking about something else entirely.  I didn’t think “half woman, half motorcycle” was even an option.  Well, whatever. Shows what I know, I guess. Lady Gaga is wacky for days, and shame on me for ever thinking different.

But really, this is just silly, right?  Do any of you Lady Gaga fans actually dig this cover?  Do any of you Lady Gaga fans actually read this blog?

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