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Lady Gaga Does More Weird Stuff for Another Magazine

photo of lady gaga pictures i-d magazine photos

Oh Gaga, how I tire of you. I know that you’re, like, a big superstar and everything, and your music has got a cult-like following, but I just don’t see the appeal. I don’t understand the weird costumes, the pseudo-controversial, passive-aggressive music, or the idea that you’d fry your hair so badly that it’d start falling out. Just. does not. compute.

So anyway, for all of you Gaga-lovers out there (um, Mom), here’s some more photos of the Lady posing in weird poses, wearing odd clothing, and rocking those odd points in her face that you all seem to love so much.


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  • She is going out of her way to encourage the Freemasonry/Illuminati rumors, that’s for sure..

  • What I want to know is how they make those weird pointed things on her face. Prosthetics?

  • she tries hard so people dont see that shes not pretty, i mean if she was she couldnt do all these shit, she could depend on her looks to be succesfull. at least its working people look at her and think “wow she crazy” but they dont think “wtf fugly bitch” ugg