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Cheryl Cole Obtains Court Order Against Everyone

Cheryl Cole on May 16

Yikes! Take a photo of Cheryl Cole, go to jail?

Cheryl Cole, from the British pop group Girls Aloud, managed to get a court injunction forbidding everybody from photographing her anywhere near her London home.

The court order itself, which lasts through 2011, is particularly foreboding: “Any person who knows of this order and disobeys this order will be in contempt of court and face imprisonment, fined and have their assets seized.” Hooooohhh-kay.

It is pretty nuts to have your fans arrested, even if some of them are annoying shutterbugs. Then again, Cheryl Cole’s yen for Private Time is understandable—she’s seriously had the worst summer.

The story so far: Cheryl Cole was tapped to be a judge on the U.S. version of Simon Cowell‘s X Factor. To prepare for her new role, she moved to LA, lost a ton of weight, and tried to tame her thick ‘Geordie’ accent. Then, just two months after the initial announcement, Cole was abruptly fired for reasons yet unknown. Worse, she was replaced by snippy little Nicole Scherzinger. (The whole debacle is especially humiliating because Simon Cowell can’t seem to shut up.)

Now some people are saying Cole is so embarrassed, she’s retiring from showbiz completely. Regardless, it’s probably difficult to lay low once you’ve papered your own home and neighborhood with threatening flyers. Total kooksville.

This is neither here nor there, but last year Cheryl Cole caught malaria. Yep. Malaria, and then everything else happened. I’d go nuts, too.

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  • Good. Other countries do it. And she’s in that bracket of celebrity that gets mercilessly ripped apart by the hideous British tabloids every single day. She should be able to leave her house without feeling under siege.