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Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger will star in ‘Cats’ on the West End

nicole scherzinger andrew lloyd webber

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the theatre world, the West End is London’s answer to Broadway and features all the big productions on the stage for the UK, really. It’s a massive deal for an actor to get a spot in a West End show, and I suppose an even bigger deal since Nicole Scherzinger is going to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Cats there starting this December. Awesome!

Nicole Scherzinger will be making her West End stage debut as Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical Cats. Returning to the West End for a strictly limited run at the London Palladium from 6 December 2014, press night will be on 11 December at 7pm. Based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, the original creative team – Director Trevor Nunn, Associate Director and Choreographer Gillian Lynne, Designer John Napier and Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber – are reunited to bring Cats back to the West End this Christmas. Final casting will be announced shortly.

On joining the West End production of Cats, Nicole Scherzinger said:  “I am really thrilled to be making my West End debut in such an iconic show and I couldn’t be more excited. To have the opportunity to work with Andrew, Trevor and Gillian is a dream come true. I grew up listening to Andrew’s extraordinary music and was lucky enough, a couple of years ago, to record Cats’ beautiful song Memory. Andrew’s score is breathtaking and I am truly honoured to have been asked to take part in what I know will be a very special time in my career. I can’t wait to begin rehearsals.”

Nicole Scherzinger is a killer singer so I’m sure this will be amazing, even though Cats is probably my least favourite musical ever in the history of musicals. They should’ve put her in Evita! You know she could do it!

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Nicole Scherzinger opens up about bulimia struggle

nicole scherzinger cosmopolitan 2

Nicole Scherzinger is a beautiful woman with a solid career, so a lot of people probably assume that she’s got the perfect life. While things may be great for Nicole now, it wasn’t always that way, and in a new interview with Cosmopolitan UK, she opened up about the fact that she used to suffer from bulimia and that the illness threatened to take over her life.

Opening up about her brave escape from dark times, she spoke to Cosmo fighting back tears  about the punishing eating disorder that almost stole her twenties. “Thinking about it I try not to well up… It is such a horrible paralysing disease and it was such a dark time for me. That’s why I can empathise so much with people who have demons and voices in their heads, who aren’t nice to themselves. It robs you of living your life. But you can recover and you can get rid of it forever. I did it and that’s why it’s so important for me to share my story. I felt so alone… but I made myself so alone. You hide it from the world, you isolate yourself. But you can beat it – do not give up because you’re so special and you’re meant for such great things.”

“I had started losing my voice, I couldn’t sing at shows, and then I remember my manager finding me passed out on the floor in Malta or in the south of France. I thought, ‘I’m going to lose everything I love if I don’t love myself.’ One day when you feel like you’ve reached the end, you just say, ‘I’m not doing this anymore.’ It’s sad to see how I wasted my life. I had such a great life on the outside, the Dolls were on top of the world but I was miserable on the inside. I’m never letting that happen again; you only get one life – I was 27 only once.”

Damn, that’s tough – but so good that she was able to pull herself back up and really confront this head-on. Unfortunately, when you suffer with something like an eating disorder, it’s life-long work to make sure you don’t fall back into bad habits (much like substance abusers, I suppose). Here’s hoping she keeps healthy – sounds like she’s in a good place.

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Nicole Scherzinger releases ‘Your Love’ – but is it any good?

nicole scherzinger

Sometimes I forget that Nicole Scherzinger is actually sort of a killer singer. Of course, it’s easy enough to forget because she does sort of bury her actual talent in less sophisticated pop culture affairs, but I do really like her. She’s zany and seems really sweet – and now she has a new song called ‘Your Love’, which is taken from her upcoming solo album.

What do you think of ‘Your Love’? I’m undecided, but I wanna like it!

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Best, Worst, and WTF Fashion of the Brit Awards!


Jessie J in ghastly lipstick.

Time to celebrate Brits in all their glory with the 2014 Brit Awards. Let’s see which (mostly English) celebs wore what and wonder why. Then, single out some for BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night. (For more British fashion goodness, check out this BAFTA Awards fashion post.)

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Let’s See What Celebrities Ate For Thanksiving Dinner


Did everyone eat a shit ton of food yesterday? Are you getting amped up for leftovers today? Well, celebs had their feasts yesterday too, with some looking a bit better than others’. Of course, MUCH of this food was catered and you can tell. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner tried to pretend they had home cooking, but their Instagram followers weren’t fooled and called them out on having chefs/caterers for the big day, LOL. Justin Bieber‘s dinner looked like the most un-fun thing ever. Just looking at these is making me hungry.

The Kardashians

kendall jenner kris jenner 2 kris jenner

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