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Love It or Leave It: Chris Brown’s New Tattoo

A photo of Chris Brown

Chris Brown is never going to be able to do anything right ever again. He tried showing humility by admitting that he crapped himself on stage before, he tried winning over all the penis lovers, and now he’s trying cutesy tattoos.  It’s not going to work, Chris.  It’s just not.

I bet he wanted a regular smiley face but as soon as the tattoo was finished it morphed itself into something twisted and grotesque. Even ink understands when someone done went and fucked up for life.

Yeah, so what do you guys think about the new body art?

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  • I don’t really like any of his tattoos, not that I need to. I just hate that all of the art on his body looks like he stepped into a tattoo parlor and whatever flash was on the wall at the time he decided, ” what the hell, lets do it”. I wish there was more to his art then… that.

  • Chris brown is really inspired by the art scene such as many artists like pharrell, and kanye west. The smiley face with the skull is the signature work of a huge influential graffiti artist name Ron English. Ron English is also the same artist who did the cover art for his F.A.M.E album. About 90% of his tattoos are from famous graffitti artists & clothing lines who inspire the hypebeast culture like Kaws, A Bathing Ape, BBC..

  • i dont gave a fuck what yell say chris brown taxs are hot and he is hot his got damn self so leave chris brown alone.

  • It really seems like the rabid Chris Brown fans cannot use keyboards to save their lives. You use your FINGERS to type. Not your FACE. At least, I think that’s your face. It does appear to be crying, anyway.

    I do actually appreciate the elucidating comment from “wtf” about CB’s tattoo origins. I can kinda respect that. & I hate to admit it, but I kinda sorta don’t hate the tattoo in question. I might even like it. But my tattoos could totally beat up his tattoos. Fight this retro rocket ship, smiley skull-face! Yeah! Montey Python is gonna kick your… smiley skull face! In its… Smiley skull face!!!

    No one is going to read this ever. Right?