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Kim Kardashian Is Getting Married in Two Months

A photo of Kris Humpries and Kim Kardashian

Because when you get engaged after six months of dating with a ring that’s big enough to murder someone and you want to have a wedding as big as that royal one, getting married in two months just makes sense.

This information comes from Life & Style from an unnamed insider, but I believe it, mostly because poor Kim has been itching to get married for a while now.  Besides, can you imagine what this is going to do for her TV show?  People love fancy weddings, and, for whatever reason, people also love the Kardashians.  This is going to be huge for the shameful side of reality television.

Here’s the “official” reason for the rushed wedding:

“The wedding is going to be at the end of July or the beginning of August,” an insider tells Life & Style. “The reason they’re rushing it is because they want to do it before the basketball season starts again, so that they have time to have a romantic honeymoon!”

Basketball season.  I’m sure.

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