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If Kim Kardashian Keeps Talking Like This, She’s Never Getting Married

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Pardon the headline, it’s awfully The Rules-y of me, but I’m pretty sure that if Kim Kardashian ever wants to marry her boyfriend of five months, Kris Humphries (and she soooo does,) she needs to stop being so vocal about her desires to get hitched.

According to Life & Style, Kim’s already got her engagement ring picked out. A source close to Kim told the magazine, “Her idol is Elizabeth Taylor, who was a good friend of Lorraine’s, so she wants to take inspiration from one of Elizabeth’s prized possessions: her famous cushion-cut Krupp diamond. Kim’s been talking to Lorraine about it a lot lately.”

What’s crazier than that though? Kim herself also told them she has her dream dress all picked out. She was quoted as saying, “I’ve envisioned the whole thing. I can’t wait to get married. I’ve found my wedding dress – I mean, I already know what my gown is going to look like. I’ve thought about it all for so long.”

Wedding day dreams aren’t illegal, but blabbing about them to the press is kind of insane. In fact, it seems kind of like self-sabotage if you have a single clue rolling around in your brain (which is very well may not.)

Your ass ain’t that great, Kim.

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  • Who in their right mind would marry Kim “Cumdumpster” Kardashian? She’s a classless, ignorant, money-grubbing loser who will wind up just like her idol, Paris Hilton. Notice no one wants to marry her either? And if, God forbid, some dude did marry one of them, I can almost 100% guarantee you they’ll be eyeballing any money they have and making off with as much of it as they can as soon as they can.

    Watch what that other idiot Kardashian sister does to Lamar. She’ll take him to the cleaners at the first opportunity of stress (although he might have been smart enough to get a good pre-nup to stop her greedy paws from working his pockets).

  • She speaks about her dream dress and ring like she’s some kind of maiden waiting for her special day with her special prince…..did we all forget that she has been married before? She was 18 years old or something like that, it was in the media just a while ago…

  • I offer a suggestion for Kim Kardashian about talking so much about getting married. One one hand, it’s understandable if getting married is one of her life’s positive goals. But one on the other hand, there is something she needs to be careful about, something my brother passed on to me: To be ready to be married, you need to have a healthy, functioning self, to the point that it’s OK if you never get married. If you don’t have what I just described, you are asking for trouble if or when you finally get married: marriage will only make things worse for your self that is not healthy and functioning in its own right. So, I hope for the best for Ms. Kardashian, and I hope she knows already what I’m suggesting here, for her sake.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Just look at the two of u together in a mirror. U r beautiful not fitting with lurch. U don’t need to marry a basketball player just because klohe did. Think long and hard. Marriage is not over when u pack up the gown and the reception guests have gone home. He’s not right for u.