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Christina Still Hasn’t Come to Grips With the Whole ‘Sober’ Thing Quite Yet

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Our girl Christina Aguilera got wasted this weekend, what did you guys do?

Christina and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, and a friend or a bodyguard or something I’m assuming, were photographed leaving a club earlier this weekend. Positive props, right off the bat?: I’ve gotta say, that shade of pink lipstick really flatters her boy’s complexion.  It goes well with his sweaty, already-hungover pallor. Flattering. And impressive. I mean, he’s wearing more of her lipstick than she is, brava.

Incidentally, can you just imagine these two lovebirds all curled up in a dark corner of a seedy club, stumpy limbs entwined and sucking face while intermittently whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ear? I’d imagine it’d go something like this:

Matt: Oh, gurrrl, the way you nibble my lower lip.

Christina: Mmm BEEF. CHICKEN. RIBS.

Matt: I really think we’ve got something real, don’t you? I mean, I know a lot of our time is spent in the dark and under the influence of a lot of fucking booze, but I really think you just GET ME.

(More audible groaning and lip-smacking.)

Christina: NOM NOM NOM. … I’m sorry, you’re getting me what? Did you say ribs, p’raps? BABY BACK RIBS?

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  • I think this is a damn shame, look at that face… she’s blacked out like a muhf**ker. Xtina, Britney, and Linz, what the hell happened to these girls? They each had the entire universe by the balls, and proceeded to fuck it up royally. I wonder what it feels like to get so close to the brass ring, then lose your position because you’re a fuckin idiot and/or mentally ill.

  • @ Maddox, britney is still the s**t! her latest album femme fatale is doing great and shes still the pop princess of all pop princesses!