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Lily Allen Launches a New Fashion Line for Her Vintage Store

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A lot of people were all broken up when Lily Allen said that she was taking a hiatus from her music career to start delving further into the fashion world by opening up a vintage clothing store, but now that sneak-peeks of her designs are emerging (and getting a pretty positive response in general), those die-hard fans of hers just might have another reason to be stoked over girlfriend’s talents.

Lily and company have opened a store in the UK called Lucy in Disguise, and apparently, business has been so good that it’s beginning to necessitate some rad homemade designs from the equally-rad Lily herself.

Check out the sampler of designs in the gallery. Would you wear this stuff? I’m pretty partial to the green dress on the bottom right, I gotta say … the one with the cacti and horses, though? Unless I’m stunt doubling on a Hey Dude remake, not so much.

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  • I don’t know what is up with your site. But when I click on some pictures or links, I get this screen saying I won an ipod. The thing won’t go away until I use Task Manager to close it and my browser down. And if I open the browser back up without remembering to start a new session, the stupid ipod thing comes up and freezes it again. The picture of the fashions did that to me. It is fucking irritating.

    • I’ll check into it – thanks for letting us know (and, uh, sorry about that, of course)!

  • I love Lily Allen but she is a bit deluded. The amount of money she is charging for her clothes is beyond ridiculous, nobody normal can afford it.