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Lily Allen is Quitting Music to Sell Used Clothes

Lily Allen’s been saying for awhile that she wants to quit music and have a normal little life, but I didn’t actually think she’d go through with it. Turns out that her last gig will be on March 7th at the O2 Arena in London and that she’ll occupy herself  by running a vintage line with her half-sister Sarah Owens.

Lily says she’s been working on the line for awhile and that she and her sister are looking for the perfect storefront in London to run their business out of. Lily fans who can’t wait to get their mitts on her designs can purchase things at the pop-up shop they’re running at the August Festival.

I’m excited to see what Lily dreams up fashion-wise because her style has always been one of the most likable things about her, but I’m not sure if that makes it worth not having another album from her. What do you guys think?

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  • Really?? This is the only story you could come up with between yesterday and today? I guess this is why I don’t come on this site anymore

    • Molls, I’m not trying to rag you, but you really couldn’t post until noonish West coast time? For reals?

      Remember, you live in 1 time zone out of 24. There is a whole other world out there that doesn’t march to your roll out of bed at noon lifestyle. Especially those of us on the East coast where noon is 3:00 pm. Not to mention your UK readers didn’t get an update until 8 pm their time. Keep Beet’s site competitive, girl!!!!

      • There was a problem with my Internet today, guys. I was on the phone with TimeWarner for two hours this morning trying to figure out what was wrong with my modem.

        Most days I have stuff up by 10, but the last couple days were an exception. Thanks for hanging in there.

      • Sorry for bitching you out! I always die without my internet connection. Right now I’m having problems with my iPhone– I can’t get internet or weather updates. I pay too much for that shit to mess up!!

    • I have a couple of friends that run vintage stores and they’re probably ordering huge shipments of clothes that they have to go through. also some people re-work vintage clothes- making them more tailored or with a modern twist. and some just make clothes from scratch based on a vintage design but with new fabrics and materials–in this case, it’s more vintage-inspired IMHO than real vintage.

  • How is she creating a line of clothes that are already made? And vintage? Does she purchase a Delorian for time travel purposes?

    Everyone wants to be a fashion designer now don’t they? They think it sounds so easy to just throw together a bunch of crap, call it a line and expect to be in Fashion Week. There’s a reason why you don’t see a lot of designers trying to be musicians. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication to do clothes right and to do it continuously. I have yet to see a singer to a clothing line well…and don’t say Gwen Stafani either. I barely considered her a singer when she was with No Doubt.

  • I read somewhere else that they will be renting out vintage clothing that they have collected. She wouldn’t be designing or making anything. Doesn’t seem that difficult, if you have a lot of money to buy the stuff in the first place.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of her music so I can’t comment on whether it would be a loss or not. It would certainly be a bonus if she dropped off of the gossip blogs.

  • It totally blows. I don’t live in England any more and even if I still did, I wouldn’t travel all the way to London to buy clothes in her shop, not to mention they’ll probably be expensive. I am going to miss her and her music so much, although something tells me it won’t be long before she’s back in business.