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How Ridiculous Is Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring?

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Yesterday, Sarah told you guys the happy news – Kim Kardashian is engaged!  She also told you guys a little about the engagement ring (20.5 carats), but today, Amy Grindhouse has pictures.  And it’s absurd.

Does anyone genuinely think this is a good look?  Once a diamond gets to be a certain size, doesn’t it just look trashy? I know the ring cost $2 million – and that’s another issue altogether – but to me, it just looks like something you get out of a quarter machine that will turn your finger green in an hour, not like a piece of jewelry that you’re supposed to wear for the rest of your life or until the divorce proceedings start, which, let’s be honest, is the more likely scenario.

So let’s talk jewelry, guys.  Am I totally clueless when it comes to fine diamonds, or am I right in thinking that this gaudy trinket is awful and tasteless?

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  • what do you think is going to happen to these women? i feel oddly bad for them. i guess that ring will keep them in botox after everything is over.

  • Regardless of how much money it costs, It’s tacky and trashy, just like this family. This is nouveau riche at it’s finest, people. You’re right that it looks like it came out of gumball machine, and it’s so gaudy and tasteless. An engagement ring is supposed to be a token of love and affection, not a billboard for how fucking rich you are. But, given who we’re talking about here, there’s nothing that has to do with love or affection about this engagement. It’s all about gettin that publicity.

    • @ KJ – Couldn’t agree with you more. Well said. Very, very nouveau riche. Not to mention incredibly crass. I loathe women who are obsessed with having a huge diamond. I cannot say that I am surprised by this though. I think Kim Kardashian is one of the most shallow celebrities around – not much beyond her surface.

  • Oh, and there’s no way Kris Humphries paid for that ring all by himself. He makes 3 mil A YEAR as a substandard NBA player on the NJ Nets, a team that will probably be moved to Brooklyn and hasn’t been relevant in a few seasons.

    The ring Lamar Odom got for Khloe I believe cost somewhere around 900 grand. Lamar Odom won 6th man of the year for the LA Lakers. He has two championship rings. Please tell me how Humphries, clearly the lesser of the two basketball significant others, bought a ring worth 2 mil when Lamar only paid 900 Gs? Oh, that’s right, because this is all a big orchestration for their “reality” show. The wedding will be aired, and I’m sure another spin-off show following Kim through her engagement is in the works.

    Kris Humphries doesn’t know what he got himself into.

    • That’s right KJ! When you break down Kris’ salary, almost half goes towards taxes, then his agent, attorneys, etc. The dude probably makes 1/2 of that if he is lucky. I have a feeling that KK’s pimp mamma will probably want to be his future son-in-law’s agent. She’s pimped out her entire family already.

  • Completely tacky. It’s too big, it doesn’t look nice and man, that thing would get caught on EVERYTHING – it’s unrealistic! I think she probably knows that too..

  • Kim “THE definition of Trash” Kardashian deserves no more than a ring found in a Cracker Jack box. I wonder how much they had to pay Kris Humphries to marry her.

  • I think that there should be a budget under 100k for a ring.. Seriously take the 1.9 mil and send the $$$$ to the Orphanages that can be helpful to at least feed children in other countries. Whatever the status is in the situation I am sure they would feel good if they can least help the poor children of today. Its really obnoxious behavior to announce the dollar figure for a ring its really Ridiculous!! Kim aren’t you happy enough with all your fortune and fame?? Get a clue!!!