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So This is Jennifer Aniston’s New Boyfriend

photo of justin theroux dating jennifer aniston pictures photos

And supposedly, it’s for real: X17 broke the story last week that the two were dating, but you know how Jennifer Aniston rolls – if she’s not linked with every hot male co-star at least once, she calls the day a wash. They have various photos of the new couple doing stuff together all weekend long, including breakfasts, dinners, motorcycle rides and then, of course, the obligatory go-home-with-Jen for the night.

The dude, if you don’t recognize him, is Justin Theroux, and on the surface, judging by the big, bushy beard, he’s probably going to be to Jen what Jesse James was to Sandra Bullock. Read: a potential for a mismatched mistake. However, if boyfriend shaves that damn thing and cleans up a little bit, he’s actually way WAY fucking hot, and looks like the perfect composite of what Jennifer Aniston thinks a talented, low-key screenwriter, actor, and producer should look like. However, the beard and the leather-cladness needs to go. The lip-smacking, eyebrow-raising leer probably should too, just for good measure. YOU’RE DATING JENNIFER ANISTON NOW, BOY. You best act like it.

Check out the better pictures of Justin in the gallery and holla if you think he’s totally fuckable, too.

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