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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Serious Money For Her Subpar Music

Gwyneth Paltrow Demands Million Dollar Record Deal [PICS]

You may remember that a few months back, on the heels of recording Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” for Glee, that there was all kinds of buzz about Gwyneth Paltrow getting a record deal and doing the whole music thing in a much more serious way. It turns out, the only thing Gwynnie was serious about was profiting off of her “musical talent” and Atlantic Records, the label that was set to sign her, isn’t willing to cough up the cash to make it happen.

From PageSix:

“Atlantic bosses were very interested, and [Atlantic owner] Warner chief Lyor Cohen was very supportive. But then the talks halted and the deal fizzled out. There was a rumor that Paltrow wanted $1 million to sign, but that is a ridiculous figure. Atlantic is still interested in signing her.”

Paltrow’s rep said in a statement: “Atlantic was not the only company pursuing her, and she still has not decided if she wants to record an album. It is still something she is considering.”

Leave it to Gwyneth to score a gold record covering someone else’s song and thinking that warrants her a one million dollar record deal, huh? Sounds like the bratty child of famous parents if you ask me…

She is the worst.

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  • She really is mediocre and as for playing on glee I think she was there just promoting her movie now she’s gone for good hopefully