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The Hangover II Premiered in LA Last Night!

photo of bradley cooper talking and laughing with robert downey jr at the hangover two ii premiere pictures photos pics

Want to hear a little secret? I did not. see. The Hangover. Seriously. I know, to some of you, that’s like saying I don’t know who Dorothy Gale is or that the Beatles are one of the most overrated bands in history (oh, wait … they are), but I just cannot tell a lie. The Hangover never made it to my list of movies I just ‘gotta see.’ Even now, with its rampant availability and the gentle proddings of friends who claim I’d just love it, I’m not interested. Thereby? I’m not interested in seeing The Hangover II. But what I AM interested in is drooling over these photos of Bradley Cooper. I know a lot of people think he’s gay and whatever, but come on. It’s not like I’m trying to MARRY THE DUDE or something, he’s just some really great eye candy and I am LOOKIN’ FOR SOME SWEETS.

Are any of you as blasé about H II (or better yet, The Hangover) as I am? Are you just as equally excited about new Bradley Cooper photos as you are blasé? Because if you are, man? We have a lot in common this morning.

Also, not to miss: um, the whole ALL-ENCOMPASSING HOTNESS of most of the people at this premiere, including, but not limited to, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Bateman, JUSTIN BARTHA, Mike Epps, and a very pregnant Alyssa Milano who is just rocking the shit out of her new boobs. (Oh, and Zach Galifianakis, if you’re into that sort of thing EMILY TRAINHAM.)

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  • You are missing out on a fantastic piece of entertainment by not seeing the first one. I am no movie critic, but any movie that involves a tiger in the hotel room, a guy pulling out his own tooth and some nice bare boobies is okay by me. I am hopeful that H2 doesn’t disappoint. Ya gotta just love mindless entertainment.

  • Mindless is right, not to mention totally overrated. I’m with you. For me it was totally beige.