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Oh Crap, LeAnn Rimes’ Arms Fell Off

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No, they really didn’t, but until I put my glasses on this morning to get a closer look, it looked like girlfriend’s arms went on hiatus. THEY’RE SO SMALL. They sort of remind me of a little bird that fell out of my maple tree the other day. He fell a long way (he died soon thereafter) and his tiny spindly feet sort of looked like LeAnn Rimes’ arms.

And speaking of LeAnn, she’s actually doing a concert ten minutes down the road from me next month. It’s at a place called the Freeman Stage at Bayside. It’s a really, really small venue, guys. And at first, I heard the tickets were free, and I kind of laughed. But then I heard my ‘free ticket’ information was wrong, and that the tickets ACTUALLY range from 40 to 75 bucks a pop. Then I laughed even harder. I considered trying to get in (for free, of course) and trying to see if I could get close enough to talk to her and I realized, duh, of course I could. She’s going to attract a crowd of about a hundred people maybe. MAYBE. I just don’t feel like listening to her bellyaching about how hard it’s been to be the other woman and how amazing it is to be so emaciated svelte. I also wouldn’t be able to stand sitting through two hours of music knowing that Eddie Cibrian‘s pinched face was lurking somewhere backstage, perched on a darkened corner on a stool while sexting some random blonde he met earlier in the week.

Too much drama for me, guys.

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  • Whenever I see Eddie Cibrian’s squinty-eyed face, the word “douche” immediatel comes to mind.

  • These two home wreckers deserve each other! They are people who only think of themselves. Karma is going to knock them both to their knees in the future.