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Of Course There’s Photos of Arnold’s Baby Mama Out There: World, Meet Mildred Baena

photo of mildred baena pictures photos

Her name is Mildred Baena, and according to Radar Online and Star magazine (who, together, launched a ‘joint’ investigation, isn’t that cute?), and she is allegedly the woman who had an affair with former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The photos are courtesy of Mildred’s MySpace page (which is labeled ‘Patty’), and it states that Mildred is 47 and living in Calabasas, CA. She has the obligatory one friend (TOM FTW!) but oddly enough, most of her photos have close to 10k to 30k views. Coincidence? I think not.

How about you – would you hit it?

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  • Hey Sarah,
    I may not ever post a comment on here but I do read this site regularly. I think that if you want to post pictures of the mother, that’s fine, but to post pictures of the little boy is a major invasion of his privacy. That’s a MINOR, there. Even if the pictures of him are out and about on the web, I feel like EB went a step to far by posting them of the kid. Don’t you have a child? How would you feel if they were thrust into a highly publicized situation because of something that you did, and now a stranger is posting pictures of them all over the internet. Again, not meaning to be a bitch, but I think that it’s pretty inappropriate of a website that normally has boundaries when it comes to kids.

    • You’re absolutely right – the images should have been edited and I will take care of it immediately. Thanks.

  • Shouldn’t you guys blur out that poor kids face?
    God knows he didn’t do anything to deserve this mess- the people who spawned him can go f*ck themselves in Macy’s window…but that poor kid deserves some pixelation, no?

  • My God, did Arnold’s face lift affect his vision all those years back? This woman is HIDEOUS.

  • i watched the interview with the other woman’s attorney this morning on the today show. the attorney stated that his client was 34…while it might be a mistake on her facebook, there is a lot of random and conflicting info being tossed about. i know this is how it usually goes, but i just thought i would put in what else i had heard.