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Adele Killed It on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Last Night

Adele performed “Rolling in the Deep” on Dancing With the Stars last night and guuuurrrrllll… She was amazing. To think that she backed out of performing a second song due to sickness yet still was able to deliver this performance is pretty incredible.

I was a little late to the Adele party and now I just feel stupid. Even my mother is going to see her perform live in Boston later this month. If you’re not up on her and her sounds yet, it’s time to get with it.

Dancing With the Stars you can still pass on, though. What was up with unleashing two dancers in the middle of Adele’s performance? I know that’s like, the show’s entire bit, but how awkward.

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  • I’m late to the Adele train too and I’m from the freaking UK. But she is ah-mazing. I can tell she was struggling a little but that just goes to show how epic she is when she’s feeling top notch, because that performance blew me away.