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What The Hell Did Vogue Do To Adele? And How The Hell Can I Get It Done To Me?



I’m totally willing to be rolled around everywhere on a gurney with Annie Leibovitz’s telephoto lens shoved in my face if I can capture the same effect.

Picture 1-Singer Adele at the Grammy Awards, February 2009

Picture 2-Adele, photographed by Leibovitz, for a article

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  • LOVE Adele! Now I am going to spend the rest of the day with Chasing Pavements running through my head….
    But seriously-is it the photog, the makeup artist, the retoucher, the photoshopper??? What a beautiful picture.

  • She’s very attractive for a larger girl. It’s nice to see someone dress appropriately for their size.

  • Beautiful in both photos. Why haven’t I heard of this girl? I’m in Aus, we just have banjoes played by koalas.

  • I’m really sick of all the FATTIST comments on this site. Were you into gay bashing and racial slurs before they became “unpopular” too?
    Adele is GORGEOUS and TALENTED – something others (*cough* V)
    are clearly LACKING.

  • Do I have to explain EVERYTHING?

    IT’s called darkened clothing with the best lighting combined with larger poofy hair making the face smaller with a hand on the chin along with the final touch – which is the torso sinking into the cushy bed…

    She looks pretty in both pics, but they really didn’t have to overdo the 2nd pic, I expect more from Annie.

  • She was 19 in the first pic, she is now 2 years older and slimmer but she was always a pretty girl, ultimately it dosn’t matter, if she was the prettiest girl on earth her voice would still be her most beautiful asset, I could listen to it all day long.
    Her notorious laugh is endearing and infectious too!

  • She is amazing!!! I love her and I will always love her regardless of her weight! You haters need to get a life and worry about your damn selves… I’m pretty sure that those of you that are leaving those rude comments about her weight are insecure and have many issues regarding your own weight or looks.

    I mean who cares what the girl looks like? SHE CAN SING.

  • she’s overweight and that’s an obvious fact. her appearance appeals to some and not to others. commenters shouldn’t be calling other commenters ignorant and immature because they have a preference for thinner people. it is in no way related to gay-bashing or racial slurs. it’s a question of taste.

  • I disagree that it is in no way related to gay bashing or racial slurs. The new fad is to hate on plus size people. You are hating somebody based on the size of clothes they wear. Thinking like that makes this world so small.

    Yes by most standards she’s overweight…so are most of North Americans. OMG she’s normal…let that be the only thing people ever discuss about her. I’m sick of that always being what I end up reading about Adele. It’s not like people who talk about Florence and the Machine are going, “maaaan that girl is skinnnnny. I like her because she’s skinny.” No they’re talking about her musical talent.

    The thing is that for once there is a person that “normal” girls can idolize and for once not feel like they aren’t good enough…to see that if you have the talent you can make it no matter what size pants you wear. The sad thing is that I know all the pressure on Adele about her size will make her slim down. Just look at Jennifer Hudson. Then who will they have to look up to?