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Ron Weasley Pulls A Miley

A photo of Rupert Grint

That’s what we’re going to call any bong activity from here on out: pulling a Miley.  Not because I want to judge her forever for partaking in hallucinogens, just because I love any excuse to watch that video.

But anyway, poor little Rupert Grint was allegedly photographed hitting a bong at a Harry Potter cast party. I say “allegedly” because Rupert’s people are saying that the picture isn’t of Rupert, just some ginger that looks like him.  Can you believe that?  Because sorry, Rupert’s people, but the only way that that’s not Rupert up there is if somebody figured out how to make a batch of Polyjuice Potion, and if that’s the case then we all better watch our backs.

What do you guys think?  Did Ron buy some weed from Crabbe or is it really just a doppelganger?

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