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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Ridiculous Hashtag Edition

Hashtags, right?  You guys on Twitter know what I’m talking about.  How else are you going to get in on them trending topics? Hashtags can be pretty useful and fun – I have a friend that I actually speak in hashtags with, for example “did you see that dude preying on that poor wasted girl just now? Hashtag: creeper.”  There’s your new conversational tool for the day – but they can also be #superannoying when people #dontknowhow to #limit themselves properly.  And sadly, that’s what we’re dealing with today.

Aww, JoBros.  Sweethearts, no.  See, your hashtag is ridiculous because it’s just outlandish.  A more appropriate tag would have been something like #JonasBrothersForMaybeACoupleMoreMonthsTops.  See how that works?

No, Sister, #letsnot.  You and Tia can live your lives however you see fit, but don’t drag us along with you.  In case you’ve forgotten, Easter’s this month, and maybe this is just a Southern thing, but I can’t see any other way to handle five hours at my grandma’s house, complete with meth drama and passive aggressive jabs directed at me for still being childless, but to steal Peeps from my cousins’ Easter baskets and hide in the bathroom.  But you follow your heart.

Ok, Hayley, I don’t know what kind of guidance counselor you had in elementary school, but mine taught me that Character Counts (that, and that candy cigarettes were inappropriate), and not just one day of the week.  I can appreciate your sentiment, but do your part and make sure that all your fans know that they need to be themselves everyday.


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  • Bless you Emily! This is a sorely needed message! (and you hashtag addicts know who you are!). The worst are the mushy sweet ones about your significant other; ie: #luckiestgirlalive. PUKE!