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The Jonas Brothers

Frankie Jonas Likes His Brother Kevin The Least

Frankie and Kevin Jonas

Frankie Jonas, the youngest Jonas Brother and the only bro who’s not a member of the famed trio, was doing press for his new movie Camp Rock 2, when reporters asked him which of his brothers are his favorites. Normally young Disney stars are groomed to keep their mouth shut when it comes to anything even remotely controversial, but like a young, male Miley Cyrus, Frankie failed to filter out the unpleasant.

According to the nine year old, his brother Nick is his favorite. Ya know? The diabetic one who used to bone Miley and Selena Gomez? Then it’s Joe, the one who used to get with Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Frankie ranked his brother Kevin, the one with the mean wife, last. Hmm, could it be an age thing (Frankie seems to like his youngest older brothers best), or is there some tension between the oldest and youngest JoBros?

The Jonas Brothers Just Lived My Worst Nightmare

JoBros Escape From LA Elevator Unharmed

OK, well, my worst nightmare is technically burning to death or rape or being kidnapped by some Buffalo Bill type and living in a well and applying lotion to my skin per his request, but this is sure up there.

The Bros were recently performed a concert at The Grove in Los Angeles. The Grove is one of those “urban oasis shopping centers”, kind of. It’s an outdoor mall, basically. They have a little train running through it (annoying, not charming) and a fountain and shit like that. There’s an American Girl Doll Store. The suburban girl in me does love going there on occasion, but for the most part I avoid it at all costs due simply to the fact that the parking garage there gives me anxiety. It’s mad claustrophobic and people in LA suck at hustling when they walk and being aware of their surroundings so I always feel like I’m on the verge of completely losing my shit whenever I’m there. I don’t think I’m alone in this, either.

So The Jonas Brothers were at this horrible place performing a show recently and while they were making their escape they got stuck in the garage elevator. For an hour. The Jonas Brothers were stuck in an elevator in the worst parking garage in LA for an hour and they didn’t die from anxiety/fear/exhaustion. Are The Jonas Brothers actually The Jesus Brothers? I think so.

This is funny, though: According to a source who spoke to the NY Post, the JoBros were able to escape after an hour only because they were all skinny enough to slide through the tiny opening that a security guard managed to pry in the doors. LOL.

Kevin Jonas Ruins Fan’s Life

Jonas Bros Fan Holding The Sketch She Made Them That Wound Up In The Trash

The girl pictured above is a die-hard Jonas Brothers fan. So die hard that she’s been waiting outside of a Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto for over a month with some of her girlfriends. OK, so maybe that’s a little scary, but you know how young fans are. I’ve heard crazier things.

The girls got to meet their idols, take photos with them several times and gave them gifts, including sketches of the boys they’d done themselves. When the Jonas Bros checked out of the hotel, the girls were shocked when a maid brought them heaps of their gifts back to them in large trash bags. Including several of the intricate sketches. Heartbroken, they asked the maid where the sketches were found. She told them that they were found in Kevin Jonas’ trash can.

While I suppose it’s a much needed reality check for these obsessive fans, I do think that there’s something heartbreaking about this. Not only would it have not been hard for an assistant to hold on to these sketches at least until they got out of the hotel, but the maid really didn’t need to drag their faces through the mud.