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Perez Hilton Turns 31

Perez Hilton turns 31

Perez Hilton held his 31st birthday party yesterday at the Viper Room nightclub in West Hollywood. For someone who talks a lot of trash about celebrities, making juvenile comments about their love lives and appearances, a lot of them showed up at his party. This means that I can still hold out hope that Clive Owen will turn up at my 31st birthday party, no matter how big of a bitch I am on this blog.

Paris Hilton & boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, Amanda Bynes, Steve-O, and a very different looking Ashley Tisdale (holding hands with a lady friend) were in attendance, amongst others. The Jonas Brothers “rushed over” from the Kid’s Choice awards to sing Happy Birthday, and Christina Aguilera did her best Marilyn Monroe impression of a breathy “Happy Birthday Mr. Perez-ident.”

“I’m not thrilled with the number 31,” Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, said on the pink carpet in front of the Viper Room nightclub. “But I am super excited that, right now, I’m happier in my life than I ever have been before.”

Hilton bragged that the first gift he received was from “High School Musical” heartthrob Zac Efron.

“He sent me a bottle of champagne to my hotel room, which made me squeal like a little school girl,” he gushed.

Party attendee Paris Hilton seems to have contracted Victoria Beckham’s “Every Day I Look More and More Like a Robot” disease. Note the cut on boyfriend Reinhardt’s lip, a souvenir of Friday night’s scuffle with a bodyguard at Fontainebleau.

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  • So is he really that brilliant and lots of fun to be around? Or is he really mean and not that intelligent but he’s like the popular girl everyone is afraid NOT to be friends with?

  • And I’m so sure “Zaquisha” sent the bottle himself, instead of one of his handlers. Perez is a tool. I can’t believe I used to read his shit daily. But once I found this one, no joke, I couldn’t handle it over there anymore. It hurt my soul to read it.

      • I also immigrated from Perez to here. The difference is like eating low quality $1 menu berger after which you hate yourself vs. a $6 one in a local place.

  • Kelly!!! Faux pas girlfriend, faux pas!

    Ewwwww….Perez…I’m sure I don’t speak for everybody, but for myself, and lotsa others in this neck of the woods (including Beet) we no likee Perez! So I could really give a flyin’ frisbee ’bout his stinkin’ birthday.

    • She probably posted it because of all the random celebs there. It’s not like she was kissing his ass.

      I don’t understand why famous people would want anything to do with him. That’s just so freaking odd to me.

  • Kelly!! Faux pas, girlfriend, faux pas!

    Perez is a doucebag, and (while not all) MANY in this neck of the woods no likee him (Beet, for sure). I could give a flyin’ frisbee ’bout his stinkin’ birthday.

    Off topic and showing my age here, but does anybody get this pop culture, 80’s sitcom reference….
    “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly you’re hair’s so clean”…..

    • Pretty sure this was just a post to make fun of perez… juuuust sayin.

      I think ashley had more plastic surgery (to fix the botched nose job..) it looks like the bulb of her nose has rounded out and its michael jackson tip is gone.

  • How Perez can leave his house in that getup and then blog about how other people look stupid is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe. I would think that by now, that level of hypocrisy would have imploded somewhere in his giant head.

  • I can’t stand Perez Hilton. He’s not a good writer, has almost no wit and thinks way too much of himself. He’s another example of somebody becoming a celebrity for doing absolutely nothing. He’s a 31 year old blogger that gushes about tween pop stars to the point that he seems almost like a pedophile.

  • Hey Beet–Isn’t Perez wearing a Utilikilt from Seattle? (Although the cute NW hippy boys go in a different direction with the footwear.)

  • I am so glad I’m not the only person who despises Perez Hilton.
    He is so obnoxious.
    How he trashes anyone else’s out and wears that is beyond me.
    And seriously, what is he famous for?
    Writing a poor gossip column–that he doesn’t write for anymore?
    Oh it all makes sense.
    On that not, I love this site.

  • Don’t be surprised at celebs showing up at the party. As long as Perez is hot, he’ll get attention.

    Most celeb’s are publicity whores, as you all know.


  • Ugh… his 15 minutes should have been over a really long time ago… I had thought it died out for a bit, but alas, here he is in all his douche-ness…

    • drama. i wonder what happened..
      i think that’s the reason why paris looks like she wants to strangle someone.
      and she could get away with it, cos’ well…
      it’s paris and attempting to look fierce and as if she’s about to strangle someone is just very in character for her.

      i think she’s a psychopath.

  • May this be his last B Day …….as a public figure. (I’d be harsher but karma forbids).
    Let’s face it the guy’s a douche.

  • Birthday Party, looks more like a Valtrex convention to me. He’s a vile toad, rather than say many more, how about no more – ever?

  • Agreed with everyone about his douchiness. This guy is terrible but he can make or break a celebrity and they all know that.

  • GROSS! He is so ugly inside and out. I stopped reading his blog awhile back and thought I’d be free of him! Don’t do this to me again please!

  • Sorry guys but I think Paris and Christina both look hot. Amanda also looks highly doable. And yes I agree, Beetster, Wendie and Kelly are all $6 burgers in my book. Love you all.

  • Perez is on Paris Hilton’s payroll …….he agreed to never write anything bad about her in exchange for her not sueing him for stealing her last name. On top of that his blog is totally unprofessional, a grammar nightmare, devoid of humor and biased in favor of his friends. I also don’t appreciate him injecting his political shit at every opportunity. This site is way better.

    • you can’t sue someone for using part of your name. It’s not like Marilyn Monroe’s estate is going to sue Marilyn Manson…

  • Please do not start writing about Perez and giving him press attention. I will swear off Evil Beet gossip as well then.

  • I think it’s ridiculous he calls himself “hollywood’s most hated” and then has a star-studded (well, paris and co) birthday party. He seems to be mean about the c-listers for example jennifer love hewitt (?) but won’t say anything mean about the big boys. Sap.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that all those celebrities showed up so that Perez wouldn’t talk shit about them. I watched the video of it and it was a totally lame party lol.

  • Perez, What a total loser! A disgrace to the gay community.
    Most of us disagreed with what Miss CA said, but nonetheless she is entitled to her opinion. Perez set the gay cause backward about 10 years because of his rude and childish behavior toward her comment. Perez, grow up and start acting like a man. Perez is not representative of the opinions of most hard working, decent gay men….

  • Trashing ‘Avatar’ comes back to haunt Perez the Retard Hilton. 650 mln worldwide 212 at home.

    Avatar vs Perez – Avatar just crushed him without even notice him. What a loser!