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Woz to Limp DWTS Partner Down the Aisle

Karina Smirnoff of DWTS

Karina Smirnoff has asked dancing partner Steve Wozniak to walk her down the aisle when she gets  married to fellow DWTS dancer Maksin Chmerkovskiy later this year. Which is weird. No word yet on whether he’ll actually walk, or do it on a Segway. Given his recent injuries, my money’s on Segway.

“He’s a little out of his element but has the biggest personality you’ll ever meet,” Smirnoff said about her dancing partner. “He’s super funny and super charming.”

The whole thing smacks of publicity. I can totally see a DWTS producer pitching this to Smirnoff. Woz is old and kind of dad-like, so who better to fill the position of your absent father than someone you’ve known for all of about 6 months? And I’m sure the wedding will not be part of a “very special” episode of Dancing With the Stars.

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  • Considering that she seems to hate being paired with him since he has no chance of winning, this doesn’t seem right. I mean, most nights she won’t even look at him and just stares off with an icy pout!

  • Ever since I saw him on Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List, I have been a huge Woz fan. He seems fantastic. And I heart apple, so that doesn’t hurt.

    The whole thing sounds weird. Maybe she just doesn’t have a present father, and saw a father image in him? Maybe she hopes one day that he will leave her a gazillion dollars when he dies?

    • I love The Woz from that show too! He’s definitely a big sweetheart.

      Kinda weird, but also kinda cute. I wouldn’t have expected it at all, sometimes she seems embarassed by him on the I the only one that gets that impression?

  • What the hell is with all these people who are far too tanned and then insist on having make-up that is 5 shades lighter then the rest of their face?
    Do they not know that camera flashes make make-up more obvious so it’s a good idea to wear stuff that matches your skin colour…

  • Yes, it’s weird and transparent. That aside, I Do Not Like This Chick One Bit!!

    For 1, this biatch dated one of the PREMIER DOUCEBAGS on the planet, Mr. Mario I-Love-Myself-and-I-was-a-total-ringer-with-prior-dance-training-and-another-thing-let-me-get-my-shirt-off-so-you-can-admire-me Lopez

    For 2, she is marrying my boyfriend Max!!! How dare she? Max is as in love with himself as Mario, but somehow, he makes himself appear more charming and adorable in the process

  • Why Woz?? Is he the man who has been the most influential father figure in her entire life? Shouldn’t the guy who walks you down the aisle be somebody who is actually part of your life? As opposed to the random guy you were assigned to for a couple of months at your job?It’s creepy….