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Woz Pulls A Hammy


Dancing With the Stars “contender” Steve Wozniak might not get many more opportunities to wear sequins and tassels… at least not outside the bedroom. Woz, who was already handicapped by a broken left foot bone, pulled his hamstring at rehearsal on Friday.

It’s not looking good that Steve will make it until Monday. He was spotted Friday night at a CVS pharmacy in Los Angeles “limping pretty badly,” according to a source. When a female fan offered Woz a “good luck” on this Monday’s show, he replied that he might be “off” by then and then limped away. “I hurt it today,” Woz added.

Why not let him get out there and dance on a Segway? He already does everything else on one.

Host Tom Bergeron also commented on how this season’s contestants have gone a little overboard with the spray-on liver failure.

“We have people come in to spray them. But there’s a little Oompa-Loompa going on this season. It’s not for me. I’m holding to the middle-age pasty-white-guy look.”

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  • I checked your blog and saw how happy you were that this weekend had gone well. I want to applaud you once again for your fantastic entrance to EB. Each story you covered was hilarious, witty, and wonderfully-written. I can’t wait to hear more from you!!


    • I too just looked at your blog and I have to say you are amazing. I think you are the perfect addition to EB. I’m sure there will be some haters, but don’t let them get to you – they are just miserable with themselves. I’m about to follow you on twitter – and that is really saying something! I don’t just follow anyone.

  • Kelly….you are fabulous. Great first weekend! You totally left me wanting more. You, Beet & Wendie are the perfect combo!

  • Awesome first weekend! And the SEC IS the only real conference in football! Great selection, Beet!!