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Rebecca Black Treats Us To an Unplugged Version of Friday… AND GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!?!?

Rebecca Black, the 13-year old girl with the super-viral yet entirely shitty music video and GAWDAWFUL voice, performed an unplugged version of her song “Friday” for a room of pre-teens today and the video’s now online. For any of you out there who were wondering if the disturbing visuals and poor quality of her music video were preventing you from understanding what five million other people supposedly see in this girl, don’t worry: You weren’t wrong. This song sucks and this girl’s voice is… Well, it’s not a five million hits kind of voice.

Don’t you think it’s pretty sad that we live in a world where an average teenager from a wealthy family can beg her parents to making her Internet famous only so she can wind up getting harassed by the masses?

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