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If I Ever Had Bieber Fever, I Think I’d WANT the Black Plague

photo of Rebecca Black Twitter pictures

Ah the age-old discussion of ‘frying pan’ or ‘fire.’ The lesser of two evils, if you will.  Pardon me for a few minutes while I tear my eyes out and ears off trying to make my decision.

Above, you see the Twitter account of Rebecca Black. If you weren’t here the other day when we unveiled her viral video on the site, or if you happen to be both deaf and blind (and if that’s the case, then I guess this is going to do you no good either), Rebecca Black is the thirteen-year-old girl who is the, uh, voice behind web sensation ‘Friday.’ I use the term ‘sensation’ lightly here, because I’m trying to teach my three-year-old what it means. In my definition, ‘sensation’ is akin to ‘catastrophe,’ ‘bad, bad thing,’ and ‘you’re in trouble, missy.’ I know it’s kind of misleading, but see? I’m up to try all sorts of crazy crap in order to avoid my child growing up and feeling the need to become a misled media zombie at the ripe old age of thirteen. We’ll see if I win, keep your fingers crossed.

On a related note, do any of you guys wish that Justin Bieber would get the black plague and just fall off the face of the earth? Or would it be better if Rebecca Black’s parents pulled the plug on this lunacy once and for all? I’m kind of hoping for both, but that’s because I was never taught how to compromise growing up (see mom, it does come in handy sometimes.  However, I WAS taught not to ride in cars with boys and reckless girls at the age of thirteen and avoid any rapping men who were clearly forty and trying to come off much, much younger.  Creeps.

Here’s the vid in case you didn’t see it the other day.

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  • That song sucked, sucked. I am not even trying to be funny when I say that my 7-year old has pulled together better lyrics than that, that. Yeah, that repeating shit? Super annoying, annoying. Feel me?

  • My high school has been flooded with uh… let’s just say ‘misheard lyrics’ of this.
    No words. No words for this. My friends actually sing better than this, and every second sentence often includes a squeal thanks to their (I’m not excluded unfortunately) throats tearing up due to puberty. xD
    Bieber + Rebecca Black + ditch filled with poison and sharp sticks = solution to life’s problems