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Rihanna and Colin Farrell Went on a Date?

photo of rihanna and colin farrell out on a date pictures

So it looks like there might have been some truth to the rumors going around that Rihanna and Colin Farrell have been exchanging racy text messages. Bossip has the scoop on what’s going on with Rihanna and Farrell, and it sounds hot and heavy:

The pair did not want to be photographed together so came out of Santa Monica eatery Giorgio Baldi separately last night. Rihanna looked demure, by her standards, in black cropped trousers and a silver blouse. Her curly red hair made sure she was noticed though as she exited the Italian restaurant. Farrell meanwhile, looked rather sheepish as he made a quick dash out wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

It has been reported in recent weeks that the pair have been sending flirty text messages to each other. The Sun claims that Farrell, 34 has ‘worked his charms on Rihanna to such an extent she hasn’t stopped texting him’, since they swapped numbers earlier this year when they both appeared on The Graham Norton Show in the UK. A source told the paper: ‘Colin was taken aback by some of the texts. He reckons he might well be in there. They’re both single, so why not?’ It is also rumoured that he will be introducing the 23-year-old to his two sons, James, seven and 18-month-old Henry, while she is in LA.

I mean, how hot would this couple be? Even though Colin Farrell’s kind of settled down in the past few years, and Rihanna is known for being a size queen, the two of them together?  TOTALLY HOT.

What do you guys think of this couple?


Image courtesy of Bossip

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