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picture of christina aguilera cellulite photos

Don’t forget, starting officially on April 1st, we’ll have weekly ‘Caption This’ contests that result in real, live prizes. Pull out your funniest and stick ’em in the comments.

This past week’s winner on the Taylor Momsen photo:

Winner: Alicia
“I fuck for Satan, and the spawn is crowning!!!”

1st Runner-Up: blasted1
“ … And all this time we thought that shitty noise was coming out of her mouth.”

2nd Runner-Up: Channa
“This crap would be so much easier to take onstage if I was wearing my ass-less leather chaps!”

3rd Runner-Up: Stacey
“Taylor’s so hardcore – I bet she shits rusty nails.”

Congrats to you funny fuckers!

Now work your magic on the Aguilera photo.

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  • Um, wow. Cellulite, stripper pole bruises, fake tan, shitty makeup, stringy hair, flabby arms. Just go the fuck away.

  • “If I suck in reeeal hard, and push the rolls up to where boobs should be, and throw some stank on this look I’m givin…awww hell, Ke$ha took my girdle to the beach yuins guys!”

  • “I have cellulite because I’m an actual living, breathing woman who’s not perfect. I’ve had a baby, I’m going through a rough divorce, I’ve gained some weight, but I’m still a talented, beautiful and internationally famous pop-star, and I make random, bitter, women-hating bloggers feel better about themselves because they have an unflattering picture of me to make fun of. To laugh at a bad outfit or hairdo is one thing, but to get on someone’s case for a physical feature they can’t help or for something that’s just a fact of life for many women, is just hateful, lame and not even really funny or witty in any way.”

  • Chritiana fought hard and won the role of playing Snookie in the new bio-epic of the cast of Jersey Shore.

  • No wonder she forgot the words to the National Anthem… she’s light headed from sucking it in!

  • ‘ok focus, i think everything is in check! whew thank god im sitting or i’d have to try and hide my cellulite too.*lightbulb* oh fuck i think its showing…….where the fuck are my spanx……i saw them yesterday……’