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Can We Talk About Casey Abrams For A Minute?

Because Casey Abrams, or as I affectionately refer to him, Budget Seth Rogen, is definitely going to win American Idol this season, and we need to just get that out there right now and accept him into our hearts as such.

Seriously, have you guys been watching?  Did you watch last night when he gloriously plucked his bass and sang the fuck out of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” or that time that he declared that he was there “to prove that people like me can be sexy” (mission accomplished, Casey Abrams), or any other time that he’s ever graced your television?  This man is a gift from God, and he’s only 20.  I mean, he’s no Scotty “Baby, Lock Them Doors” McCreery (kidding, but how great is that kid?), but he’s something special.

So who do you guys think will win this season?