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Love It or Leave It: Whatever Chris Brown Is Doing to Himself

A photo of Chris Brown

I went with a vague title because I couldn’t decide what to focus on here.  The blonde hair, the Buzz Lightyear necklace, the gross denim jacket.  This must be Chris Brown’s method of coping with the facts that everyone’s seen his penis and everyone hates him all over again.

Just think, Chris, if you could have just kept your cool instead of assaulting your girlfriend, then everybody could love you. Remember that viral video of people dancing down the aisle to your song?  That would have been your claim to fame, the thing that held you in everyone’s mind.  But no, you just had to choke out Rihanna, and now nothing you do will ever be right.  I hope you can find solace in your Buzz Lightyear jewelry, because even that is a little more than you deserve.

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  • this is a lot of attention for someone so undeserving. i don’t get why there are so many posts about him lately, good or bad.

  • hahaha i would totally wear the buzz necklace! woudnt buy it, but definetley would wear it.

  • I don’t understand why people are still talkin about something that happend over two years ago. Regardless of what YOU think, (which really doesn’t matter) the fact of the matter is Chris is human and made a mistake. People try to act like he’s the only person who has ever hit a girl. look at all the guys that hit their girls ALL THE TIME, he did it once, and he went into court and took responsablity. The only people that hate him are the ignorant people who can’t let shit go. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!

  • what the hell every body have some type of critism to say to every dame body? they need to shut the hell up and mind there own dame only godame eleven and im still pissed yall bitches out there thats hattin just kno dis we love our hatters cause our hatters love me. sincerly kesa[lol=)

  • ok chris brown i fukkin sexy and he has dun nuthin wrong since the incident and ppl seem to yet act like he went and killed the bytch off sum and u kno half of the ppl talkin about him have prolly hit a few females in they life tim time so stp judgin becuz u ppl arent god so stp actin like it

  • Too all the haters. Seriously just get over the rhianna issue already! Everybody acting like if its the first time a celebrity has this violence problems. Ex: charlie sheen, o.j and the list keeps on going.

  • -everyone DOES love chris brown and always will…forqet rihanna they better qet over it…he’s not the only one to ever have a bad incident and he’s tryinq to improve himself so cut him some slack…and no matter what chris does to himself he still looks qood and can have any qirl he wants includinq rihanna if he really wanted her back.