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This Is How Hipsters Propose

A photo of Jay Baruchel

You guys know Jay Baruchel.  You’ve seen his precious little nerdy face in movies like Knocked Up, Million Dollar Baby, and Tropic Thunder, or you might know him from his earlier work on Nickelodeon’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”  Either way, he’s getting married to Alison Pill, an actress you might know from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Even if you don’t know who these kids are, let me just tell you that they’re getting married, and Jay has the best proposal story that I’ve ever heard:

“I was going to give her a ring, and I wasn’t sure,” Baruchel, 28, says. “I wasn’t ready in my heart to say what it was. When I gave it to her, I just said, basically, ‘Shit or get off the pot,’ ” he says. “I said, ‘Fuck it, will you marry me?'”

If that’s not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard, then tell me your tales, because I will surely listen.  Until then, I’m going to get started on a bottle of Boone’s Farm and begin composing a heartfelt letter to my imaginary boyfriend with only a dash of plagiarism of dear Jay Baruchel.

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  • wow, to think i spent written notebooks to my ex-gf around 300 hand written pages and hundreds of mails reach the last notebook where i propose in different funny character perspectives, in a serious way etc..

    my, the only thing i lacked was a decent blood diamond which this fucker was able to buy.. we could have joined forces and make at least ONE decent proposal

  • Er, after getting over the excitement from the fact he just asked me to marry him I’d probably give the ring back and force him to get on his knees and do it the old way… I’m a traditionalist.