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Guess Who’s A Straight-to-DVD Girl Nowadays

I know, it wasn’t a very hard question, but it’s early.  I’ll challenge you further when I don’t start to doze off every time I blink.

Anyway, it’s true, Megan Fox’s latest cinematic effort, Passion Play, isn’t getting a theatrical release because reviews were so bad.  It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, and according to The Daily Mail, people actually walked out during the screening, and reviewers called it “‘awful’, a ‘mess’ and ‘an absolute car wreck.'”  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Just watch the trailer: do you think you could sit through over an hour of that?

On a positive note, do you know who else spent a good chunk of their career being straight-to-DVD girls? Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Technically they were straight-to-VHS girls, but it’s the same meaning, and look how good they turned out! So you see, all is not lost, Megan.  You still have so much to give. Maybe just lay off the movies for a while and stick to just being pretty, because I feel like you do your best work when you’re not saying words.

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  • What the heck was that. What type of fail and/or idiot goes to see that movie. It looks straight up boring

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