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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Ellen

It’s been awhile since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done press together, but they’re back in the game and just hit up the Ellen show yesterday (the episode aired today.)

Ellen asked the girls about their “secret twin powers” (Ashley says they’re mirror twins, so when one of them is up, the other is down and they need to keep each other checked) before gifting them with oversized purses and sunglasses. The clip above is short, but you get to see the twins interact with Ellen enough that you’ll be convinced that they turned out OK.

But if you’re looking for something negative to harp on, at one point Ellen complimented the twins for staying out of trouble all these years in Hollywood, perhaps forgetting that Mary-Kate entered rehab at the age of 18 for anorexia and a rumored coke problem. And some people think she may have had something to do with the death of Heath Ledger.

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    • when you’re talking about common Hollywood troubles for young actresses, surely anorexia counts.

      And, yes, it is a disease, but one you develop on your own accord. It’s not something you catch like strep.

      • Anorexia is developed but some people are more susceptible to it based on nurture, environment and yes, genetics too! It’s a mental disorder. Why don’t you go fucking look it up before yapping on about it.

  • Anorexia can fall under body dysmorphic disorder which is a psychological disorder. The olsen twins may get into a little trouble, but theyre child star royalty. Plus they’re not addicted to press, like paris & lindsay

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