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Denise Richards Stood by Her Ex-Man on ‘The View’

Denise Richards has never been shy about letting her drama play out in public, so it was definitely surprising to see that she took the highroad when asked about her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior on Friday’s episode of The View.

Back when Denise was doing her own reality show, a lot of people raised questions about whether or not a fit mother would put her children on TV, suggesting that she was such a famewhore she didn’t care what the exposure did to them. You can’t watch the clip above and tell me that the woman speaking doesn’t seem to be coming from the place of a mother who refuses to trash the father of her kids on TV for their sake. I’m just as desperate to hear her bash Charlie as much as the rest of the world, but I have to say that I really respect the way she handled this round of questioning.

I actually, dare I say it, feel kind of badly for her right now?

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