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People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You: Denise Richards

Not only did she just learn that Brooke Mueller is pregnant with Charlie Sheen’s baby, but her stupid reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, just got canceled, thank the Lord.

“The numbers started out pretty good – just over 1.5 million tuned in for the premiere episode,” said a source. “But the audience has dropped off.”

It turns out it’s not complicated at all: audiences just don’t like Denise “Bad Person” Richards.

I can’t say I blame them.

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  • Beet, Gwen Stefani had her baby! But I dunno if you posted about that…


    I wonder what Denise Richards is going to do now?

  • awww I like her.. like she says.. she cant help she likes dark headed bad-ass duded with big cocks! haha. She seems to be a great Momma and Daughter!

  • She messed up. Most everyone was on her “side” during/right after the divorce.
    Then she decided to try to get some publicity out of the divorce, and stole her best friend’s husband.
    Then she opened her big mouf.

  • Yeah, I refused to watch her show because I hated that she was using her divorce (and her kids, let’s not forget them) to get a little more publicity for herself. Her eyes are beautiful, it’s too bad she’s such a nut-job.

  • I never watched her show.

    Why is her smile so fake? Why are her children so MISERABLE looking? I feel bad for them.

  • i was watching and interested until the hillbillie episode where she went to fish and visit her sister. i was like hell no, i signed up for dating disasters, premiers and charlie bashing and crying at the agents office, not boring family time riding the doohickey or whatever they called it.

  • That’s the fakest most manic smile I think I’ve ever seen. Too bad the children aren’t playing along with the ‘happy family’ photo op…

    Is it just me or does anybody else wonder why the younger child doesn’t look like Charlie Sheen or Denise Richards? Hmmm… I wonder who she does look like? Blue eyes don’t count people.. that nose and mouth don’t come from Charlie or Denise…

  • I feel so sorry for the girls. They neer smile and always look sad and angry. She’s always dragging them around to get the photo op. I can’t stand her! So glad her show was cancelled.

  • I used to feel bad for her, especially during her divorce, and now her whole situation just seems sad. Poor kiddies! Ps. The show wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

  • Why is every one so quick to judge! She is a person just like we all are. I happen to like her show it showed me a side of her that I was not able to see.

  • thank god! i catched a few eps of her show and it seemed like everything she was doing was for the camera (like any other reality show..). she’s just so greedy for money. i can’t believe charlie has to give her so much! why doesn’t she just get a job?