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16-Year Old Justin Bieber Went on a Victoria’s Secret Shopping Spree and is Probably Having Sex With Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber went shopping at the Victoria’s Secret in L.A.’s Beverly Center yesterday and left with several large bags of merchandise. Of course everyone knows that Justin’s dating 18-year old Selena Gomez. He’s 16. She’s 18. Isn’t it illegal for him to see her in underwear in some states?

I’m going to put it out there: These two are going to bonetown 24/7. The sexy poolside shots, the topless pics, the “pancakes” and now this? Oh, they’re doin’ it alright. I’m not happy about it, but I think those are the facts.  Here’s hoping something doesn’t happen for a reason.

Also, what’s up with going to Victoria’s Secret, Justin? We have so many lingerie options in Los Angeles, and Victoria’s Secret is the Ruby Tuesday’s of underwear.

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  • Kissing and dating? Yes. Wearing matching Victoria’s Secret lingerie? Maybe. Having sex? Nay. I don’t think so. They both have very conservative parents and background.

    Also, just because she is not wearing her purity ring for some weeks (or less.), this does not mean that she has sex with Justin. You don’t have to wear a purity ring all the time to keep your vow.

  • hey justin i know u wouldnt do anything like this :) btw happy birthday, i wish u all the best

  • They probabaly did have sex but I dont think they should date I think he should date jasmine villegas because shes not like selena gomez she dont try to impress justin bieber by wearing a swim suit thats why I hoped that slut died in japan because there was a tsunami in japan so yeah if justin bieber would have told the truth about him and selena gomez the first time then he would still have a lot of bielebiers thats why I really dont like justin bieber any more thats why Im moving on to jaden smith

  • Justins bieber favorite color is purple either that’s gay or just plain weird And Selena favorite color digital green she cool he is not

  • Fag Selena gomez is awesome anything she needs to break up with him because he is a major doucher Selena Gomez is hot when she is naked I’m stating my opions

  • i love you salena gomez even thoue you made a sex tape im 10 i think that you and justan are a nice couple

  • i love you salena gomez even thoue you made a sex tape im 10 i think that you and justan are a nice couple

  • its christena agein may be you should take off the sex tapes so people stop thinking of you as a hore i said that a nice

  • i was so shocked when you put the sex tapes on the computer you dont look like the tipe of girl it made you look like a no boady im your bigist fane i said that in the nice way as posibal

  • hey selena you are such a great singer i love you you rock i loveyour songs they are so cool please reply

  • this is really nasty cuase sex and victorias my sister if she ever new about this she would go nuts cuase shes little good thing i never was a fa of any thing