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Are You Going to Read Bristol Palin’s Memoir?

Sarah linked y’all to a story earlier today saying that Bristol Palin is planning on releasing a memoir in June of this year, but I want to know if you think she has a story to tell.

On one hand, a 20-year old single mother from a political family that’s starred on a televised dancing competition does sound like someone with an interesting story. Of course people out there want to know what it was like to be a pregnant teenager with a mother running for Vice President of the United States. But then on the other hand, no ghostwriter on the planet could undo how totally dumb the Palin clan is. And with Bristol being as young as she is, is it possible that she could offer some perspective on her situation in any sort of meaningful way? Typically people hold out on writing memoirs until their life has played out a bit more. She’s got a long life of raising that kid ahead of her before we can call her parenting a success.

I will probably pick up a copy of this book because I devour celebrity memoirs and relish in how fantastically stupid and/or poorly written they can be. Will you do the same or just pick up a copy of Snooki’s book

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  • I also devour celeb bios. Molls, what are some of the best you’ve read? I’m looking for a really trashy read. Just bought Mia Tylers bio tonight…

  • I won’t read this, not because of a political bias, but because I don’t read memoirs or biographies in general. It’s mind numbingly dull to read about the wealthy and privileged “struggle” to become more wealthy and famous, usually for doing absolutely nothing of import.

  • I just trip over the word memoir. You have to be at least over the age of 50 to apply that to your book cover I think. She’s 20. I’m not going to discredit that she hasn’t gone through shit and learned from the past few years. I don’t care if people are rich so I won’t blame her for that. It doesn’t mean she can’t be troubled or can’t progress. It’s just the word memoir. You don’t know who you even are yet at the age of 20. You know you are different than you were at the age of 15 (no longer pregnant). And speaking of pregnant, if this is going to be one of those, “I had a baby and now I know everything,” angles, then I say pretty please don’t cut down a forest for her. Bringing a baby into the world is not a miracle or a mystery nor should anyone win a gold medal for doing it. It doesn’t automatically make you smarter than anyone else. It was your choice. Keep it to yourself. Sure, you had to grow up faster because you couldn’t be as selfish anymore (emphasis on “as”). Congratulations on your tax write-off.

  • She has half my age, a tenth of my life experience and 2/3 of my IQ. What could I possibly learn from reading her book?