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Lindsay Might Be Sentenced to ‘Years’ in Jail Today

photo of lindsay lohan leaving a spa the night before she goes to a hearing pictures

I feel like every couple of weeks I write that headline, and it’s always for something different – DUIs, probation violations, kidnapping, probation violations, drug use and paraphernalia, assault, and now felony grand theft. And what’s girlfriend doing as she bides her time, waiting to find out whether or not she’s heading back to jail?

Doing it up at the spa, the day before she’s slated to appear at yet another hearing.

This bad-ass bitch has one hell of a repertoire, guys.

Lindsay, who’s been accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a Beverly Hills jeweler, has a hearing scheduled today at 1:30 PST where she’ll find out whether or not they’re charging her with a felony – which could result in what some are saying ‘years’ in state prison.

Interestingly enough, Lindsay’s got a spotty history when it comes to being sticky-fingered: she was accused of stealing a fur coat from a club in NYC a few years back, and this is the third piece of jewelry that was said to be taken unlawfully.

You have to wonder, though – just how common is it for celebrities to be given free shit and allowed to ‘borrow’ and parade around with diamonds and platinum and gold out the ass? Um, a lot. Haven’t you ever seen Pretty Woman? People with money DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THINGS. So I’m wondering, is this kind of behavior par for the course in celebrities – do some of them just not return things – and is Lindsay being singled out because of her previous, fucked up, drugged-out behavior? Are more people trying to make an example out of Lindsay, or has she finally just fucked herself for good?

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  • Lindsay isn’t a real celebrity anymore. If jewelers are going to loan or gift jewelery I think it would be to people like Anne Hathaway or Scarlett Johanson. Who cares what Lindsay wears anymore unless it’s orange?