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Five Things That Piss Me Off About ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’ Preview

1) The girl on the phone at the beginning relaying to a friend back home that Las Vegas is beautiful. She has to be a moron. Las Vegas is exciting, fun and interesting, but it’s not beautiful. Especially not the freakin’ Hard Rock. It’s a den of sin and filth.

2) They are still working the same “discovering my bi-sexuality while shitfaced” bit that was a common theme in the first Vegas season. I doubt that sloppy girl-on-girl make outs don’t even bring in the same kind of ratings they did back in the day. I can find that on any channel.

3) Speaking of sex, why do all the roommates insist on taking it to the bone zone now? It took all the way until the 8th season of The Real World for a couple to emerge. Colin and Amaya from Hawaii. In all of the seasons since, people in the house have been open to starting these live-in flings that almost always turn into total nightmares. Longtime fans of the show always say this, but why can’t they all just get jobs together and try to overcome some adversity or something? Good clean fun.

4) That girl Heather looks like a girl I went to high school with who had really big puppy dog eyes and straight blond hair that would hang around her face when she tilted her head down. She’d chew on her finger and stare at you longingly, and she was the biggest bitch I knew. She was judgmental and mad rude and used her adorable exterior to hide that. I also went to college with a girl who looked like that, and she was the same way, but worse. I’m assuming that Heather’s going to be secretly the worst person there the whole time but it wont come out until somewhere toward the end. I hate people like that. Ugh.

5) I’m gathering that Heather and Dustin hook up and then Heather Googles him and it turns out that he made a sex tape once (I’m guessing. Normally they like, at least hint at one of the season’s major plot lines in these previews so that you don’t feel like a used condom after watching it, but they didn’t do that this year.) She looks all disturbed and judgmental (I told you!) but what did she expect? She’s on The Real World, a show that went from having future doctors and underground rappers as housemates to basically a cesspool of the lowest forms of human. Of course there’s going to be a porn star in the house! And some tacky girls who think it’s fun to kiss while boys are watching AND a meat brain who punches a framed photo off of a wall!

MTV, please don’t do this to us again. Set next season in a college town and get some salt of the earth types. I bet you.

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  • Frankly, I’m stunned you only identified 5 things (and not many many more) that piss you off about this. Seriously, does anyone watch this stupidity anymore?