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Willow Smith’s ‘Teen Vogue’ Shoot

People I’ve spoken to about Willow Smith usually have one of two opinions: 1) She was trained to be a mini-diva by her famous parents and she’s not all that great, or 2) Total amazement. I fall into the second group of people.

The photos and video from her Teen Vogue shoot are a prime example of how good she is at this whole showbiz thing. Her interview was smart and funny, she has a great grip on her personal style and she makes the camera her bitch.

We’ve seen a lot of celebrities have kids over the years, but few have produced a child with this much natural swagger, ambition and talent. It’s kind of scary to think that this ten year old girl is already so confident in her own skin. Whether she glides through puberty this effortlessly remains to be seen, but she still has the next two years or so to pad a nice little college fund for herself and burn the image of her face onto our brains.

What do you think of Willow Smith now that “Whip My Hair” fever has ceased? Do you think that she has what it takes to stick around?

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  • Yeah.. she knows how to pose, but she can’t read words that are on standardized tests for her age. Sorry… if she REALLY feels the NEED to be famous.. Will and Jada should have told her “after HIGH SCHOOL” (at the very least). She’s the next train wreck just waiting to happen.. she’ll be burnt out by 15.. drugged out by 16.. and nobody by 18. why is it so freaking important for her to have people staring at her anyway? Is that where her self worth is coming from?

  • It’s so odd how Willow’s parents r Jada and Will Smith and her bro is Jaden.So it is Jada,Jaden,Will and Willow.Jaden wuz born in 1998 and Willow is 10 or 11 now.Willow is funny and cool in my opinion.

  • I find her SO fierce. Like I have never seen a 10-year-old as fierce as her. I love her, totally obssesed.

  • She reminds me of K-Tel minipops if they were Scientologists.

    Yes, they are Scientologists. Jada and Will donated several million dollars to build a Scientology school and they sent their kids there.

    Their best friend is Tom Cruise.

    In interviews he uses a lot of phrases that Scientologists use.

    Without a doubt they have joined the cult.

  • nicki minja is such a bicth shes nasty and disgraceful and doesnot deserve to live nasty bitch and i dnt need to hate on you hoe

  • Stop Hating! all yall with yall weak ass opinions are going to be the ones burnt out on crack in the next 5 years, let the girl live & stop being so damn jealous, If ya hating go to hell, because thats where all the haters end up! lol 2 yall loosers!

    • hey divine am telling u aint nobody is jealous about willow smith its just she salute rihanna and if she luvs rihana she’ll be like rihanna in every way like nuding ohh and i luv willow its just dat ……..
      And i asure am not jealus of dat brat girl coz…. bye ans me!!!!

  • She’s an adorable girl.

    I like how she says “Be true to yourself … don’t let anyone tell you you can do anything, because THEY can’t do anything”.

    I wish her success, and happiness. And all of those evil people wishing for a little girl to fail, or thinking that they can ‘predict’ what will happen to her… seriously? Grow the fuck up and do something more important with your life.

  • i think she’s not really pretty and she’s famous only because of her dad that’s it!!!
    not a normal life for a 10 years girl!!!

  • Sooo tired of the Smith family. The Karate Kid was an their daughter is going to grow up to be a cocky beeatch. Spoiled little rich bastards.

  • Someone just punch them in the face…or better yet make the little punks do real academic work or chores…
    Spoiled little shits.