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David Arquette Isn’t in Rehab, He’s Dancing Burlesque

So you know how David Arquette‘s marriage fell apart and he started drinking way too much and then supposedly went to rehab? Well, the “going to rehab” part is starting to look like a lie (or at least something he’s not taking very seriously), mainly because reader Jen K. sent us over a link to a Wall Street Journal bar review that touts David Arquette as not only a bar’s manager, but as an occasional burlesque performer.

From WSJ:

Mr. Arquette will serve as master of ceremonies on occasion and perform, as will his gender-bending sibling, Alexis. Like it or not, much of Mr. Beacher’s entertainment is based dancers in cages and little people, who will also be given their own little bar with a flying bartender.

Ah, yes. Serving up old timey cocktails and dancing on stage with your transgendered sister. Those both sounds like things that someone in the recovery process should be doing.

To top it off, the new bar is adjacent to Teddy’s, the famous bar in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, a notoriously celeb-packed and coke-laced party spot.

For the sake of little CoCo Arquette, I hope the bar considers a change in management.